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Before World War II Poland had 35 million people.  During that war over 7 million Polish Catholics and Polish Jews died. The economy was devastated.  Some cities such as Warsaw were over 99 per cent destroyed. By 1945 with a population of only 23 million Poland had the unfortunate fate of being invaded and occupied by the USSR and for over 50 years communism and Russian soldiers ruled Poland. No freedom and lots of poverty and no hope was the fate of the Polish people. Pope John Paul II and the miracles of God brought relief to this war torn land.  Now in the recovery stage Poland has huge needs to regain its ability to take care of its people.  Giving a gift where most needed is a great way to provide essential help to some of the world’s most vulnerable children and families. Your gift to Polish Relief general fund allows us to respond quickly to those suffering from the effects of communism, famine, poverty and neglect. For example, a $30 donation can feed a child for a month. Please help us change the lives of people in need.  The funds go directly to improving schools, medical facilities, food and providing jobs in rural Poland.


Current Projects and Needs:

The priests are working very, very hard now. They need funds to repair the roof in the dining room and they have to repair some kitchen equipment.

Our main goal now is to keep the cooking of meals for the poor every day. They would like not to have any limits. Sometimes they cook 70-80 meals and have more that 200 people asking for food. It is very sad for them when they see they can't help everyone. It all depends on donations. In the near future they want to open the school for children. They have organized teachers that are ready to work. They can open the Christian school in less than 3 months if we have the donations. In the future they are planning to open a little hospital for people who need help with medical. The nearest hospital is 68 miles from Bobowa!  Father Michal Fyda of St Mary's is in need of prayer for remission of cancer.

Thank You so much for your help!!!


A Call to Prayer
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As Christians, our spiritual strength and nourishment comes from our Lord and Savior through daily prayer. James tells us to "pray without ceasing for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." As we are faced with a great humanitarian crisis of our time —  rural Polish Christians in deep poverty — the need for prayer is great.  For as the Bible states we fight not against man but against powers and principalities in high places.  These people are living in conditions even worse then those when they were under communism.

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noun: Poland
adjective: Polish


Capital: Warsaw, population 1,690,821

Largest Cities
Warsaw - 1,690,821
Lodz - 776,297
Krakow - 757,500
Wroclaw - 636,854
Poznan - 573,003

Official Language: Polish

Roman Catholic 95% (about 75% practicing)
Eastern Orthodox
other 5%
total: 312,685 sq km
land: 304,465 sq km
water: 8,220 sq km
Population: 38,635,144 (July 2005 est.) Ethnic groups
Polish 96.7%
German 0.4%
Belarusian 0.1%
Ukrainian 0.1%
other 2.7% (2002)

Unemployment in rural areas:


Full name: Republic of Poland

As much as half of all unemployed people are inhabitants of rural areas who are not farm holders and were usually previously employed in the state-owned agricultural farms (PGRs). They accounted for 45.6% of the total registered unemployed in December 1998, 43.7% in December 2000, 42.7% in December 2001 and 42.1% at the end of March 2002. By and large, this situation is a legacy from the previous system and the first stage of transformation. According to GUS, a total of 800,000 people were employed in state-owned farms in the second half of the 1980s. However, a large number of these farms went bankrupt after the political system changed at the turn of 1989 and 1990, entailing a rapid increase in interest rates on outstanding credits, the abolition of the state monopoly over the import of foodstuffs, the reduction of customs duties etc. The former employees of these farms turned out to be the most passive and helpless social group in Poland. Helping this group is one of the main challenges for social policy in Poland.

Long-term unemployment is increasing in Poland. According to GUS, 40.4% of those who were not employed at the end of 1998 had not worked for more than 12 months, while 23.4% had been out of work for more than 24 months. At the end of 2000, these figures were 44.7% and 24.4% respectively, while at the end of 2001 they had risen to 48.4% and 27.7%.  These poor live in small villages in rural areas and are in desperate need of assistance.  Unemployment benefits ran out for most years ago.